Reel 2011

Hello! If this is your introduction to my work welcome. My name's Emily & I love design for motion & print, illustration, animation and compositing. Open for opportunities in these fields for freelance & more. I love hearing from new people, you can contact me at Thanks for checking out my work!

Role as follows:
:02-:04 Creative Direction/Design/Animation
:04-:05 Animation/compositing
:06-:10 Storyboarding/Animation
:11-:13 Creative direction/animation
:14-:15 Concept assistance
:16-:18 2D Animation
:19-:23 Concept/Production
:24-:25 Concept/Production
:26-:28 Creative direction/animation
:29-:31 Concept/Production
:32-:35 Storyboarding/Animation
:36-:38 Rotoscoping